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Heck, sometimes they're even the exact same product, which makes paying more for the label just plain silly. The Huffington Post ran a great feature that used a taste test to identify the major brands behind favorite store-brand items at Trader Joe's. 10. Airfare Okay, some of you are probably going to disagree with me on this one. But if you ask me, at least when we're talking about short flights , there's not much difference between flying coach and flying business or first class. You're all กระเป๋า ZARA pantip on the same flight. You're all going to land at the same time. While the food might be slightly better in first class, it's still airplane food. And while there may be a little more legroom in the expensive seats, that's less important on short flights. And while early boarding is a real perk for some, others don't even see the point.

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6. Tech and gadgets These days, the latest smartphone or tech gadget has the same kind of luxury cachet as a great handbag or a designer suit. That being said, there's definitely a risk of diminishing returns when you start habitually buying the very latest device. You're probably buying a smartphone to use apps, and you don't need the latest flagship device to access your favorite ones. You can spend $70 or $700 on a smartphone, and still get pretty much the same app experience. Skipping a generation ensures that you're getting a good experience that provides more bang for your buck. 7. Designer jeans Speaking of status symbols, having the right pair of designer jeans can definitely help you fit in with a certain crowd.

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